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Own a Part of the American Hot Rod Association

When you become a shareholder with AHRA, you have the privilege of owning a part of the association. This opportunity is exclusive to members only with a limited number of stocks available. If you are thinking of becoming a shareholder today, please view the rules below.

Shareholder Rules

Buyer does not share an equitable interest in the American Hot Rod Association. Buyer CANNOT thereby sell, assign, or transfer this stock willingly while alive. Ownership can only be transferred posthumously to the named candidate that has the best interest of the American Hot Rod Association at heart and will continue to champion its forward and upward progression without prejudice. This stock equally does not allow for the payment of dividends, cannot be traded and has NO securities law protection.

It does however provide the SHAREHOLDER these three things guaranteed; as the AHRA exists:

  1. An invitation to the annual Stockholders meeting to discuss the current and future direction of the AHRA with voting rights.

  2. Access to Stockholders ONLY Merchandise that will NEVER be offered anywhere else.

  3. Access to Stockholders ONLY VIP seating at EVERY AHRA National Event.

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